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Zig Design Package 3 is a more complex design that can incorporate html and/or e-commerce pages. It supports up to 3 menu tiers i.e. Main page, Subpage and Sub Subpage per category. Pages can be edited or re-allocated in the admin section making it a very flexible system.

It does not include a shopping cart but each item features a Buy It Now button linked to Paypal. Note this demo takes the paypal link to a test page so clicking it causes no problems.

It includes admin pages which allow you to add stock items and images to your shop. You can also add/edit categories and page headings that are displayed in the centre of the banner area.

Various colour schemes are available and can be seen by choosing from the list below. New colors of your choice can also be added
Choose a colour scheme to test - grey - green - blue - pink - bisque - fuchsia - mistyrose - olive - navy
The admin pages give you control over your stock items and pages.

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