Welcome to the PC boards page:

The PC boards for our most popular designs will be explained on this page. Since the cost of commercial board fabrication is highly dependent on the quantity of boards ordered, only designs which generate considerable interest can be produced. Long term success of this web site is dependent on sales of these PC boards, parts, amplifiers, and possibly complete kits.

PC boards for tube amplifiers:

It has been stated on several web sites that PC boards "kill the sound" or that only glass Teflon PC boards should be used. These myths probably began when PC boards were made from phenolic (definitely bad) and propagated by the fact that a poorly designed PC board can sound terrible due to the high impedances involved. In my full time job I design PC boards that routinely operate at frequencies above 1GHz. It is possible to design a PC board for a vacuum tube amplifier that will outperform a hand wired amplifier of similar design. That was proven out with the 300Beast driver board, and again with the SE amp designs. I have completed several amplifiers using the SE amp board. Every one of them sound awesome. The performance is the same for each one whether it is mounted on an aluminum chassis or completely unshielded in a Lexan cabinet. As stated above, my PC board designs have been designed and tested to perform as good as (or often better) than a hand wired point to point design. All of the grounding issues have been worked out so that hum is already taken care of.

A Tubelab SE board in a clear Lexan case.


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