Our Amplifiers:

The links at the left will take you to each of our fully developed amplifier designs. Each of these designs was breadboarded, tested, refined, and tested some more. The final design was then used to build one or more amplifiers. The resulting amplifier was then thoroughly tested. In some cases parts, PC boards, kits, and completed amplifiers are available for sale.

The Tubelab SE and the Simple SE designs have been committed to a PC board. The PC boards have been used to build multiple amplifiers by myself and other builders of varying skill levels. These boards are being made available commercially. The assembly manuals for each of these designs are now located with each design.

The 845SE and the Headphone amp are one of a kind amplifiers built around a Tubelab SE board. I have provided construction details for those who wish to build their own.

The 300Beast was a one of a kind push pull amp. I did not document the build very well since I built it before this web site existed. I used a PC board for the driver section of the amp. I do not have electronic copies of the schematic at this time.

The Turbo Champ was the name I gave to a series of single ended guitar amps that I built over a two year period about 6 or 7 years ago. I built 5 or 6 amps, all hand wired. No two were the same, most used surplus power transformers, some from scrapped HP audio oscillators. They were all based on the original Fender Champ design. Most used Chinese KT88 tubes, although one used a 6V6. I found a paper schematic, which is shown here. I can't say if any of the amps actually matched the schematic. I saw one of the amps about a year ago and it had two volume controls (pre and master). That isn't on the schematic. It is provided for those who want to use it for ideas and inspiration.

At about the same time as I was building the Turbo Champs, I bought about 200 surplus "80 watt P-P guitar amp" output transformers, and about 75 Chinese KT88's. I used them to build P-P guitar and HiFi amps. These turned out to be good transformers, and I used them in the 300Beast (still have plenty). I don't have schematics, photos, or any information from these amps. The 300Beast is the only amp that I still have, although I have located one of the HiFi amps. I will document it if I ever get the chance.

Even further back in time there were some guitar amps using sweep tubes and transistors. I have some paper notes indicating some ridiculous power numbers (500 watts RMS from a bunch of sweep tubes). I also have one of my old solid state amps that I built in 1970 that put out 600 watts into 2 ohms! I plugged it in and the guts started blowing out of one of the quart sized electrolytics. I have the schematic but it is barely readable. It was a totem pole design using a driver transformer and a bunch of 2N3055's. Yes it is a sand state amp, but I have built tube amps from this same schematic. This concept was one of the first pages posted on this web site, and is here. Triode electronics now has the driver transformers (I bought some), and I have a big box full of 6AS7's, I just haven't had the time to experiment yet.

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