A few words from clients
Derek Hart of Washing Machine Services :-
At the start I wasn't sure if I needed a website, but Tony convinced me it was a good idea. Now I realise that people expect us to have a web presence. It's useful for our existing customers and generates sales enquiries from all over the country.

Rod Mitchell of London copywriting agency Pen To Paper :-
We've worked with all the major design agencies in the Big Smoke, but none of them understood what we wanted because they were so focused on 'design'. Tony Hart of Zig Design created exactly what we wanted - a clean, easy to navigate site with a powerful database. As importantly, his proprietary software allows us to go in and change the content at will. That's a big money-saver from our perspective, because we don't have to go to a designer every time we want to change a few words here and there or add something. We do it ourselves, at zero cost.

Liz Cashmore of Reikiliz :-
Tony Hart of Zig Design created my website at www.reikiliz.co.uk. It's great. The layout is customer friendly. And if anyone wants to find me on the net, they simply type my name on in their browser and up pops a link to my site. I absolutely love it. The best thing about Tony is there's no hassle. No hard sell and he works on my site as and when we need him to. Many thanks Tony.
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